For the Stomatological and Prosthetic treatment received at our Clinic we grant a 24 month guarantee. In order to enjoy the two year guarantee on Your stomatological treatment You need to remember about the following conditions:

  • making sure You have a check up visit at Your Dentist every 6 months,

  • undergoing full hygienisation of oral cavity every 6 months,

  • maintaining proper dental hygiene routine by the Patient,

  • following the after-visit recommendations and instructions on how to care for dental restorations.

These are not under guarantee:

  • provisional work (temporary crowns and veneers, immediate dentures worn after extractions),

  • work performed at the Patient’s request when the Doctor recommended other prosthetic solution, which was more beneficial considering the conditions in the Patient’s oral cavity,

  • dental restorations performed only in the area of missing teeth which may lead to cracking or damaging of the restorations,

  • mechanical damage of dental restorations in the event of accidents or fortuitous events,

  • damage of stomatological or prosthetic work as a result of bone loss and pathology of periodontium,

  • damage being the result of treatment out of the Rewadent Aesthetic Dental Centre, or the Patient himself/herself,

  • damage being the result of existing diseases adversely affecting occlusion (epilepsy, diabetes, after radiotherapy in oncological treatment, cytostatic treatment),

  • inflammation of pulp connected with performed stomatological or prosthetic treatment – in such situations the Patient bears the cost of root canal treatment.


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