Chosen Dental Prophylaxis services provided by our Clinic:

  • Ultrasound tartar removal (scaling + polishing)

  • Teeth sanding (sanding + polishing)

  • Fluoride varnishing of milk and permanent teeth

  • Fissure sealing of milk and permanent teeth

Nowadays nobody needs to be convinced of the importance of prophylaxis. We all know the old adage “Prevention is better than cure”, which refers to the health of the mouth cavity, too. Dental prophylaxis means preventing tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease.   
In order to achieve this we offer a procedure used to remove dental calculus form upper and lower teeth (scaling). We have to bear in mind that despite proper oral cavity hygiene, we cannot remove all deposit, especially accumulated on inner contact areas of lower teeth. The deposit may be only removed by a professional at the dental surgery. Ultrasonic scaling is carried out by a dentist with an ultrasonic scaling instrument. The scaler’s tip approaches calculus on the tooth and with the high vibrational energy crushes and removes calculus. Calculus that would be left on the teeth surface is the cause of unnecessary disorders like gums inflammation, which may case their lowering and consequently tooth loosening and loosing them (parodontosis). Removal of calculus is carried out with the mechanical method (ultrasounds) and should be done once in 6 months. The frequency of treatment is suggested by the dentist at a check-up visit. What is more the treatment is completely painless, because at the patient’s request we apply local anaesthesia.


To complement scaling we recommend, so called, teeth sanding. The procedure is performed by means of a sander. Microscopic sand particles are ejected under pressure with a stream of water, which effectively eliminates sediments and colouring in the most inaccessible places, such as dental fissures or intra tooth spaces. This prevents growth of bacteria and thus development of caries. All the procedure takes approximately 30 min.

Sanding is particularly recommended to the Patients, who:

  • smoke cigarettes,

  • drink a lot of coffee and tea (especially green),

  • drink red wine,

  • wear dental braces.

Within three hours after the treatment the Patient should not smoke, drink green or black tea, coffee, red wine or other colouring drinks, as during this time the teeth are particularly susceptible to colouring.  After this time it is possible to everyday nutritional routine. One should bear in mind, though, that maintaining the satisfying aesthetic results depends on the Patient’s oral hygiene, particularly on the use of proper products for oral care (anti-plaque tooth paste, mouth washes and dental floss).   
After standing we recommend (fluoride) varnishing in order to strengthen enamel after scaling or standing treatment. During the procedure, the medication is applied directly onto the upper and lower teeth with a special applicator. The procedure may be used by both adult Patients and children. Fluoride is indispensible for healthy teeth and it improves significantly enamel structure (increases immunity to tooth decay). We should intake proper doses of this element regularly.  

Many people are afraid of hygienization treatments because of hypersensitivity, connected with severe pain and discomfort. These problems are most common during eating or drinking of hot or cold dishes, causing stabbing, intense pain. Unfortunately, there is a popular belief that having such problems one should give up hygienization treatments such as scaling and sandblast cleaning. Hypersensitivity is usually caused by wrong hygienic habits, however, it can be caused by different factors such as malocclusion. People who use whitening toothpastes may also experience unpleasant hypersensitivity sensations.
When you suffer from such health problems and you have not responded well to the treatment you have undergone, it is reasonable to appoint a dentist and start a hypersensitivity therapy with a diode laser. Laser biostimulation yields immense results when applied as complementary therapy to chemical methods of treatment of dentin sensitivity.

Preventative behaviour should become a routine among the youngest. The treatment of this kind is fissure sealants, in other words coating the chewing surfaces of the teeth with special sealant.  The build of cheek teeth favours tooth decay development, particularly among children. Deep fissures, naturally found on pre-molars and molars, facilitate creation of food residue and growth of bacteria. The fissures are too narrow to be brushed with ease, so despite everyday brushing by our children, those areas are not cleaned effectively this is why it is necessary to brush the teeth carefully before fissure sealants. The teeth are ready for treatment after preparation and examination.  First an acid solution is put on the chewing surfaces of the teeth for 30 sec. to roughen them up, then teeth are then rinsed with water and dried. Then a liquid is painted onto the fissures - the sealant. Finally, a special curing light is used to help the sealant harden, which takes approximately 20 sec. As the treatment is painless it creates a suitable opportunity to be an adaptation visit for Your child at our Clinic.



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