Periodontology is the specialty of Stomatology that deals with the diseases of periodontium. We cannot forget that a beautiful, healthy smile does not come only form healthy teeth but above all from healthy gums, such symptoms as red and swollen gums, bleeding, tenderness, exposure of tooth necks, displacement or loosening of a tooth are indicative of the development of a disease called periodontitis.
The first step to be taken to prevent periodontal diseases is professional hygiene session of the mouth cavity. Accurate hygienic cleaning cannot be carried out at home. It aims at removing any plaque and polishing off deposit and tartar.  As a result we have stronger teeth and gums and we avoid further complications.
Hygiene treatment comprises mainly of such therapy as regular removal of tartar with ultrasound method (scaling) together with removal of deposit by stomatological sander used for inflamed gums. You should also remember to polish the teeth and apply fluoride after each treatment.
Patients who suffer form periodontitis should start treatment. The dentist chooses proper medications (pharmacological treatment), and if it is needed curettage is applied - is a surgical procedure designed to remove the soft tissue lining of the periodontal pocket (groove between the gum and the tooth), which is getting deeper with the progress of periodontitis.

The method comprises careful removal of tartar off the tooth surface and ultimate polishing off. As a result the development of the disease stops, wounds heal and new connective tissue starts to rebuild. To eliminate any discomfort during the treatment we apply local anesthesia with the Wand, computer controlled anesthesia. A Vector device from Dürr Dental is another non-invasive method of periodontitis treatment. This is a specialist ultrasonic device. Thanks to advanced technology of the device it is possible to use it in non-surgical therapy. 

In modern stomatology the laser is also used for treatment of periodontal diseases. An advantage of procedures using laser radiation is totally painless, non-invasive and fast therapy. Main objective of the laser is to stop pain and reduce inflammation accompanying periodontal diseases. Usage of laser stimulates biochemical processes of periodontal cells, improves blood circulation and, importantly, triggers production of tissue cells and immune cells. All these operations catalyse regeneration of periodontal tissues and stop the progression of the illness. It can be observed, after laser therapy, that tooth mobility is significantly reduced and periodontal disease stopped.

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