At our Clinic we do our best to make every Patient feel comfortable, but we pay special attention to the youngest Patients, that is your Kids. We put in a great deal of effort so that primarily the initial visit, but all the next ones as well, went in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere and that the youngest Patients did not find any reasons for anxiety.

Every dentist, as well as all members of medical personnel tries to make every little Patient coming to our Surgery feel here at home.

We designated special kids’ corner at the waiting room, where Your children may play and draw waiting for their visit. To make the visit even more attractive when children are invited to the very special Surgery, where there are toys and fairy tales waiting for them effectively attracting the young Patient’s attention.

We realise that treatment of young patients is not the easiest, it takes time, patience and first and foremost individual approach to every child. Everybody is afraid of the unknown, this is why this is so important that the kids even the youngest had an opportunity to get familiar with the surgery, tools, and the dentist himself.

For this purpose it is worth coming for the pre-treatment visit, whose aim is to make the child accustomed to the new place, personnel and to help them understand the aim of the visit. The dentist show how special dental “brushes” work, “the magic chair” and they explain what happens when “ugly little worms start decaying our teeth” and we have to get rid of them. Little patients may choose colourful fillings which they really enjoy. The treatment may be carried out with local anaesthesia, e.g. computer controlled anaesthesia and in difficult cases we use nitrous oxide.

Such visits should be educational not only for children but for adults, too. The doctor explains in detail what is happening in the mouth cavity of Your kids, instructs how to brush teeth and advises on dietary routines. The dentist offers professional advice on caries prevention therapy, such as fluoridation and sealing..

To appreciate the child’s brave approach, every kid gets a present form the dentist. It is particularly important that the visits are on a regular basis, before there are any dangerous or painful cavities. We have to bear in mind that milk teeth must be healthy, as they are the basis of Your child’s occlusion and moreover the bacteria causing tooth decay that have developed on the milk teeth, will be transferred onto the just emerging permanent teeth.

To get more detailed information You are invited to our Clinic even today. There is a saying - “A child’s smile is one of life’s greatest blessings” - we wish You that this was a healthy smile, too!

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