In order to improve the quality of dental treatment our meeting with the Patient starts with reliable diagnosis.

Having in mind Your safety we use the cutting edge digital X-ray equipment form Gendex, which gives us the possibility to acquire high quality images and instant integration with the computer without unnecessary waiting for traditional prints. The system guarantees a much smaller dose of radiation.

Our X-ray laboratory meets all modern standards of X-ray images diagnosing.

At our Clinic there are the following X-ray images taken:

  • Occlusal X-rays – they are taken to hep the dentist find decay on contact surfaces of the teeth an to find irregularities within the soft tissues around crowns.
  • Visiographic images - they are taken in order to diagnose tissues in the vicinity of the tooth root, as well as in endodontic treatment such as check up X-ray after completed root canal treatment.
  • Pantomographic X-ray - this image shows gives a panoramic view of all teeth of the upper and lower arch – both the crowns and roots as well as mandible and jaw bones, temporomandibular joint, maxillary sinus, orbits.
  • Cephalometric X-rays – allows the dentist to capture a radiographic image of the side of the skull bone showing both bone tissues and soft tissues (nose, lips etc) and paranasal sinuses. Indispensable in orthodontics in analysing occlusal abnormalities and planning treatment.
  • Sinus X-ray – allows revealing pathological changes in maxillary and frontal sinus, indispensable for a laryngologist to diagnose illnesses in these areas

At our Clinic we also use the latest technology intraoral camera from Gendex, an exceptionally useful tool in dental diagnosing. It enables enlarged screening of teeth delivering clear, detailed images to LCD monitor with live view options for still images.

Thanks to the viewing our Patients may see and understand what is happening in their oral cavity or the tooth and the dentist may explain the Patient in a clear way many issues and describe in detail the planned treatment.


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