Ambulanc AII5000C – this modern and safe device enables treatment of children, Patients with heart diseases, hypertension, asthma and epilepsy. It is a good solution for Patients who are afraid of pain and in long treatment. Precise gas mixer allows individual dosage for each Patient. The device ensures dosage of concentrated oxygen of at least 30 percent and nitrous oxide of maximum 70 percent. The effect of calming down and partly pain killing appears in half a minute after the dosage begins and remains effective during the treatment. After completion the Patient quickly recovers and is able to leave the Surgery and drive his or her car.

In short, the treatment looks as follows: having chosen a proper size of the nose mask, the Patient starts breathing with medical oxygen in order to get used to breathing with the mask and return valve. Then the right flow of gas is fixed and the sedation starts gradually increasing the concentration of nitrous oxide. When the proper concentration and the Patient’s sedation is achieved, the treatment is done. The Patient inhalation sedation is kept during the treatment. Having competed the treatment we administer clean medical oxygen for 3-5 minutes in order to boost nitrous oxide metabolism.



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