Thanks to this modern abrasion device we may achieve the best performance in drill-less cleaning of teeth of our Patients with compresses

 air with aluminium oxide powder. The device makes an alternative device to standard drill and works at 1.5 – 3 bars. Selected abrasion powder, aluminium oxide specially calibrated at 29μm and 45μm guarantees the best results and is completely safe for both the Patient and the Dentist. Cavity preparation with the air abrasion device may be administered for Patients at all ages, both children and adults, the elderly Patients and pregnant women.
The special indication of Sandman Futura device is for cavity preparation without anaesthesia (for patients allergic to anaesthetics, pregnant women), for treatment of Patients hypersensitive to pain or with high level of fear of pain.
The most important advantage of this Sandman Futura air abrasion device valued by our Patients is lack of vibration and pressure on the teeth – totally contactless method.

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