The core of the endodontic (canal) treatment is cleaning and later filling of all the tooth roots, in which there has been any inflammation or gangrene of the pulp, commonly known as „tooth nerve”.

In untreated teeth, with decayed cavities there are chronic periapical inflammations, whose symptoms are swelling of the cheek, purulent fistula and accompanying pain.
The treatment process, saving the tooth or its roots require time, skills and very often the use of specialist equipment and materials, as the root canals have to be fund, disinfect and fill with precision.
In modern day endodontics, even seemingly hopeless looking tooth may be in most cases saved, and this is why at our Clinic we try to fight for every tooth to the finish.

Thanks to the specialist equipment at our endodonic surgery we offer endodontic treatment of the highest quality with the use of the state of the art methods, such as: root canal preparation with machine instruments, ultrasound to find and open the canal, disinfection and canal preparation with endoactivator or filling the canals with worm guta-percha.  Our endodontics specialists, using Carl Zeiss microscope, are able to treat extremely narrow canals and find out anatomical canal branches or obliterated canals ( so called grown together), which make around 70% of cases.
In our clinic we have been using for several months a biostimulation laser in endodontics treatment. Its application during root canal cleaning stimulates regeneration of tissues around the root apex and works as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
Long time experience and continuous trainings of our dentist, both in Poland and abroad, guarantees that accurately treated teeth roots will make a perfect pillar of further prosthetic treatment and valuable natural implant.

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