Rewadent Aesthetic Dental Centre has been chosen by Allianz to provide with services the Patients possessing Health Insurance of the top insurer in the Polish market. If you posses TU Allianz Stomatology Policy we invite you for free visits at our Surgeries.

As for implants at our Clinicwe use American BIOMET 3i system of the highest quality, the solution of producer with worldwide experience. BIOMET 3i implants are designed to deliver comfort and satisfaction of the Patient as well as to boost esthetic result.

Centrum Stomatologii Estetycznej Rewadent jest partnerem Towarzystwa Ubezpieczeń Inter Polska. Pacjentów posiadających program Inter Vision zapraszamy na bezpłatne leczenie stomatologiczne w naszych Gabinetach.

Our Partner in caring for a beautiful, white smile of our Patients is BlanX offering the whole range of pastes and other products ensuring perfect hygiene of the oral cavity. Broad range of products enables us to tailor individual solution for every Patient.

Centrum Stomatologii Estetycznej Rewadent jest partnerem operatora medycznego Medica Assistance. Pacjentów posiadających umowę z Medica Assistance zapraszamy na bezpłatne leczenie stomatologiczne w naszych Gabinetach.

As for X-ray imaging Gendex – the world leader in the field, is our Partner. Gendex X-ray equipment is characterized by state-of- the-art technology ensuring the highest quality of images with full safety because of minimal doses of radiation.

To pay at our Clinic you may use cash, debit card or credit card, or you may pay for your treatment by instalments with MediRaty hire purchase. MediRaty is a Polish national system of financing medical treatment. It is an excellent solution for a Patient willing to use medical services at the highest level without burdening house budget.

At our Clinic we use state-of- the-art materials. One of our main suppliers is 3M ESPE, supplying us with proven and reliable solutions. 3M ESPE products are characterized by uncompromising approach to quality control and research, as well as undertaking a number of measures to create development of stomatology in the future.

Rewadent Aesthetic Dental Centre takes part in a Katowice City Nas Troje i Więcej Programme aimed at Katowice multi-child families having three or more children and foster families residing in Katowice. The aim of the Programme is to support the families and to improve their living conditions, enhancing development possibilities of children and teenagers as well as creating a positive image of families, multi-child families in particular.

We invite Katowice residents possessing the membership cards of Nas Troje i Więcej to visit our Clinic and receive our convenient discounts.

On an everyday basis we are supported by Kol-Dental, a leading supplier of dental material and equipment in Poland.

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