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Chewing gum is for some people an addiction and for others a way to handle everyday stress. Chewing sugar free gum straight after a meal, may help restore proper pH level in our mouth and stimulate saliva production that naturally cleans our mouth. There is one condition though: chewing gum can only last a few minutes and we should not do it too often..

Regular check-ups are one of the most important issues in treatment of adults. Many of us keep postponing dental appointments, which may lead to serious consequences. It is therefore essential to visit a dentist not less than once in half a year. Because of fast pace of life we work for You both in the morning and in the evening, as well as on Saturdays, in order to enable you to visit our surgery and use our services.

We specialize in comprehensive treatment. Individual approach to the Patient is also our priority, so for each patient we tailor an individual treatment plan to suit your needs and financial capacity. Apart from prophylactic treatment, such as scaling, sanding or topical fluoridation and restorative treatment (including mainly caries treatment and esthetic reconstruction of the tooth), endodontic treatment (root canal treatment including specialist root canal with microscopy). We offer orthodontic and surgical treatment. For effective treatment we use cutting edge X-ray equipment to diagnose thoroughly and accurately. For patients who particularly value esthetics of the teeth we offer professional whitening treatment and all range of treatment improving esthetics of teeth.

Our clinic specializes in prosthetic treatment. If your teeth are incomplete because of a variety of reasons, there are many state-of-the art methods to solve the problem. Missing teeth are the cause of embarrassment for many Patients, they smile less, but it really does not have to be like this!

Even if you had a bad experience in the past connected with visiting a dentist, we invite You for consultation at our Aesthetic Dental Centre Rewadent. It is high time You cared for Your teeth – their health and esthetics!

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